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Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Living In A Haunted House? Here Are A Few Reasons To Contact A Real Estate Agent

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The things that go bump in the night and interrupt your sleep may have piqued your curiosity at one time, but if you are like most, the bewilderment that comes along with sharing your home with unseen entities is bound to eventually have you feeling uncomfortable. If there is one type of home that most homeowners assume will be difficult to get rid of, it is one that has a reputation for being haunted. You may assume that your haunted home is just something you’re going to have to deal with. But, before you settle in and reach out to a paranormal expert, it is a good idea to talk to a real estate agent first. There are a few reasons why contacting a real estate agent about your haunted house is a good idea. A real estate agent can help you effectively market your older, possibly haunted home.  You may be ready to pack your stuff and get as far away from whatever is roaming your halls as possible. However, there is actually a pretty attractive market for older homes for sale that could potentially be haunted. If local zoning restrictions allow, some investors see a rumored-to-be haunted house as an investment opportunity because it can become a local attraction, like a paranormal tourist spot or even a haunted bed and breakfast. It is also a good idea to keep in mind that if your home is older and located near historical property, there could be local government investors interested simply because of the house’s haunted reputation and the fact that it can be deemed a historical site.  A real estate agent can help you learn more about the home’s history.  If there is one professional who can help you track down the history of a home, it is a real estate agent who has been working in the area for a while. Even if you don’t have a local realtor willing or able to help, most can at the minimum help you track down things like deed and mortgage history on a home. If you are trying to get to the bottom of the history of your home, having access to this kind of information will definitely be a plus. Also, if you decide to sell the haunted house because you cannot eliminate whatever is disturbing your peace, the information you dig up can always be proposed as a selling...

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Three Tips For Making The Most Of The Small Space Available In Your Apartment

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When you rent an apartment, you are very limited on the amount of space you available to you in the property. If you want to be able to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, you need to take the time to make sure that you make the most of the limited space. The following guide walks you through a few tips for creating a relaxing oasis in even the most cramped of apartments. Create a Design Layout Before you start placing your furniture in the rooms, take the time to make a layout for the rooms to ensure that your furniture will fit where you want it to fit in the space. You can create a layout for the space by drawing a scale of the room on a piece of paper. Write out the dimensions of the room. Then, measure all of the furniture you want to put into the space and create small cutouts for each piece of furniture to the scale that you drew the room. You can then move around the small cutouts you created until you see exactly how each piece fits well in the space. When you go to place the furniture in the room, simply follow the design layout you created. Choose Furniture that Serves Multiple Purposes When you live in a small apartment, you need to make sure that you have furniture that can serve multiple purposes so that you do not need as many pieces of furniture in the space. Choose a coffee table that has storage under it. Choose a bed that has storage built into it. Choose an entertainment center that has bookshelves so you can store your books, electronics, and movies all in one place. Use All of the Space Available to You Take the time to use every inch of space that is available to you to ensure that you do not need to invest in a storage unit for any of your belongings. There is often space above the kitchen cabinets that can serve as a great storage space. Use beautiful bins to store items out of sight and have add decorative elements to your kitchen at the same time. Living in an apartment rental doesn’t have to feel so confining if you take the time to figure out how to make the space work as efficiently for you as it possibly can. It may take some time to get the apartment exactly how you want it to be, but be patient and keep trying new ideas until you feel excited to come home and relax each day....

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Four Things Your Real Estate Agent Cannot Do For You When Looking For A House

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If you are on the market for a new home, you most likely have a real estate agent guiding you through the process. While you may rely heavily on their expertise during your home search, there are things that will fall on you and not your realtor. Here are four things that you cannot expect from your realtor while you are house hunting. 1. Knowing Exactly What Your Needs Are Realtors aren’t going to know all of the nuances of what you need from the beginning. You can provide generalities about space, location and price range, but there are going to be things that you might not even know were important to you about homes. Don’t get frustrated if your realtor suggests quite a few ‘almosts’ – it ‘s hard to know exactly what is going to be your dream home. 2. Doing Most the Legwork For You You can’t expect your realtor to guide you to every perfect home on the market. It is important that you do your own research and find readily accessible information yourself on homes for sale. The more leg work that you can do to familiarize yourself with the current market, the more you will be able to jump on properties that are exactly what you are looking for. 3. Getting Your Offer Accepted Something that you will have to help with is putting your best foot forward when making offers. Your realtor can help with timeliness and can offer advice on a cover letter, but you need to ultimately sell yourself. You never know what other offers are out there, so don’t be too hard on yourself or your realtor if your offer isn’t accepted. 4. Turning the Market Around If you are in a seller’s market, there isn’t much that your realtor can do to find homes in the same price range as a few years ago. What they can do is try to get you in the best shape to compete with other buyers when great homes come on the market. If you have an unrealistic budget for your dream home, there isn’t going to be much that your realtor can do to lower home prices. Real estate agents can do a lot to find homes early on and try to get you in to see homes that seem like a perfect fit. If you want to have an even more successful search, you need to do your own homework and try to sell yourself. Your realtor will meet you halfway, but since you are the one ultimately buying a house some effort will need to come from you. To learn more, contact a real estate agency like Century 21 Reward...

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Facing A Low Home Appraisal: 3 Options For Buyers

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After a long process of shopping for homes, you’ve finally found the perfect one. You’ve even managed to agree upon a sale price with the seller. However, when the appraisal was done, you learned that the home didn’t appraise for as much as you’d agreed upon, so your bank won’t lend you the full amount you need. Has the deal fallen through? Not necessarily. Before you get too discouraged, there are a few options worth exploring. Re-Negotiate the Sale Price Depending on how far off the appraisal was from the total amount you originally agreed upon with the seller, you could always consider going back to the negotiation table. For example, if the home only appraised for $5,000 less than what the asking price was, the seller might be motivated enough to sell the home that he or she will simply drop the asking price another $5,000. This would be the best-case scenario for you because it’d save you money. Unfortunately, if the disparity between asking price and appraisal is too great, your seller might not be willing to come down any further and may thus prefer to hold off on selling the home for the time being. Explore Other Financing Options As a buyer, you always have the freedom to explore other financing options. For instance, if a home you’re interested in appraises for $10,000 less than what you have financing for, you might consider taking out a personal loan to cover that extra $10,000. Or, if the seller is willing, you might see if he or she could cover closing costs so you can have more money to put towards the sale price of the home. Just be careful about paying too much more than a home appraises for; you don’t want to find yourself unable to sell it down the road or be upside down on your mortgage right away. Still, if you love the home that much, it might be worth it to come up with a little more cash up-front. Ask for a Second Opinion Of course, if you and the seller feel that the appraisal on the home was outright inaccurate, then you always have the option of getting a second opinion from a different appraisal professional. Of course, appraisals aren’t free, so you and the seller will need to determine who will pay for the second opinion. If you truly believe the last appraisal was done incorrectly (for example, if the wrong comps were used), then paying the money for a second opinion from a company like Shaske & Zeiner Appraisal Consultants Ltd may very well be more than worth the up-front...

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4 Advantages of a Seller-Financed Mortgage Loan

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Are you considering the purchase of a property with a seller-financed mortgage? Seller-financed mortgages don’t go through banks; instead, the seller allows you to live on the property in exchange for an agreement very similar to an ordinary mortgage. Financially, a seller-financed mortgage usually works out to about the same cost every month. But practically speaking, there are some major benefits. 1. The Property Will Close Escrow Quickly In fact, escrow isn’t strictly necessary — but it’s a good idea to protect both you and the seller. Because there’s no loan to wait for, all you’ll need to do is provide the documentation that you are who you say you are, that you have the money for the down payment and that your income picture was accurate. The seller will show that there are no liens on the property and that they own the property to sell it. This will be much faster. 2. You Can Negotiate Better Interest Rates Since the mortgage is entirely up to the seller, you can often negotiate the down payment down further if you have good credit. And because the seller sets the interest rates, you can negotiate for an interest rate that is actually better than what the market is offering. The seller can offer any interest rate that they want!  3. You Don’t Necessarily Need Credit Not everyone has developed a good credit rating even if they have the finances that they need to own a home. Some people just don’t take out loans or credit cards, and this leaves them without a credit score. Others may have had some missteps in the past, but are finally ready to put that behind them. Some seller-financing doesn’t require good credit at all for approval, and this can be an excellent opportunity for less traditional buyers.  4. Your Financial Situation Doesn’t Have to be Perfect Some people have non-traditional sources of income, such as freelancing and owning their own business. But conventional mortgages can make it difficult for anyone who is not drawing a paycheck to qualify for a loan. As long as you meet the requirements of the seller — which can be very low — you can purchase the property.  Seller-financing is extremely rare. You would need to ask your real estate agent to specifically try to find you a seller-financed property. Seller-financing also isn’t a sure thing; some may even have higher standards than the banks. Regardless, it’s an option you may want to explore if you aren’t interested in more conventional financing...

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What You Need To Know When Buying Or Selling A Home

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When it comes to buying or selling a home, there’s not a lot of difference — other than the place you’ll eventually end up. Both require a lot of preparation and the mental fortitude to keep yourself constantly looking for a buyer or seller., However, there are ways to keep your stress down to a manageable level — such as having the following tips to make the whole process as smooth as can be. If you’re going to be buying or selling your home in the near future, then here’s what you need to know about real estate before you stick the signs out on the lawn or go trolling around the neighborhood looking for a deal. Watch the Calendar Location isn’t the pulse word in real estate — it turns out that timing might be, however. Homeowners who listed their homes for sale in March tended to see faster sales at better prices. However, due to this, March isn’t a great time of the year to make a purchase. It turns out that when the weather gets cold and the sleigh bells start jingling, sellers tend to be imbued with a little holiday spirit; people who bought homes in December generally paid lower prices and spent less time negotiating. If you can’t wait to buy until the snows start falling, or need to sell before the first buds of spring, try to get as close to these times as possible. The worst time (somehow both to buy and to sell) is in the late spring and anytime during the fall (from April to June and September to November), where all the little noises in your home become amplified by the chilly wind and you’re too exhausted to traipse through 12 houses a day due to the endless amounts of pollen in the air. Know Who You’re Dealing With It’s a good idea to employ a bit of psychology to figure out the personalities of the people you’re buying from/selling to. If you’re dealing with someone who has a bit of a short temper, lay on the compliments and dwell on the positive (though be careful not to get too flowery about it). Mention the effort the person must have gone to in order to get the floors sparklingly clean or how impressive it is that they’ve been to 6 different houses just that day. A little extra effort towards positivity can go a long way towards making the buyer or seller like you personally — and that could push them towards closing the sale with you a little more readily. If the prospective owner/seller seems to have a keen eye for detail, ensure that you point out one or two features that really make the place shine. They’ll appreciate (subconsciously) your attempts to please them — and it might just save a sale from going downhill when someone points out that dusty rose and antique rose are actually two different...

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Extended Vacation? Settle Your Family Into An Apartment For The Summer

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Have you decided to spend your entire summer in a different city? What a wonderful thing to do! Settling into a new apartment for the duration of your stay will help you to feel at home when you follow these steps. Connect With An Apartment Locator Service – Let the professionals do the looking for you!  If you want your children to have access to historical sights, the city’s main library and museums, look for an apartment in the city. An apartment in the city will also have the benefit of being near a bus line so that you can use public transportation to go to different activities outside of the city area.  Getting an apartment in the suburbs would probably give your children a taste of how the kids in this area live. You’ll be closer to fast food restaurants, shopping malls, movie theaters and branches of the downtown library.  Whether you rent an apartment in the city or in the suburbs, definitely find one that has a swimming pool. Find out if there will be a summer swim team and ask if your children can be part of the fun. Make Things Easier With A Furnished Apartment – If you’ll only be staying during the summer months, it’s obvious that you won’t want to uproot your home by bringing your own furniture with you. Instead, a furnished apartment will be just what you need. A furnished apartment comes with only the basics for each room. You may want to bring some framed photos and other home decor to make your apartment feel like home. The apartment might even come with kitchen supplies. Usually, you will still need to bring your own linens, but check that out, too. Make Sure You Understand All The Fees Before You Sign Papers – Because you are only summer renters, your apartment might be higher than if you were signing a six-month or a one-year lease. In addition, you’ll have to put down a deposit. In many cases, a deposit is the same as one month’s rent. However, some landlords require payment of the first and the last month’s rent in advance, and the last month’s rent might be considered the security deposit. Of course, normal wear and tear is usually considered by the landlord. However, damage caused by one of your family member’s neglect or misuse might result in not getting your deposit back. If you want improvements or changes in the apartment, be sure to check with the landlord before you proceed, as you might get charged for those, too. Rental insurance is a great idea. If you have a pet, be sure that the insurance covers any damage that might be made by your pet. Expect an additional deposit for each of your pets, too. If you have proof of obedience training classes or if your pet is a service animal, the deposit may be lowered. The size of the pets is also a factor. It might be a fun idea to offer an incentive to your children. If, at the end of your stay the apartment looks great and the deposit is returned to you, a reward for your family would be wonderful. Congratulations on planning your summer housing early with a company like Horizon Court...

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3 Ways To Determine If You Should Hire A Property Management Company

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Investing in real estate can be a great way to increase your wealth. Owning several rental properties generally means that you have to deal with tenants on a regular basis. While some property owners are reluctant to cut profits by hiring a property management company, the help of these companies can be invaluable. Here are 3 factors you can use to determine whether or not hiring a property management company in the future is in your best interest. 1. Your Familiarity With Landlord And Tenant Laws Renting out residential property to tenants comes with certain limitations enforced by the government. These rights are outlined in a piece of legislation known as the Residential Tenancies Act, or the RTA. Failing to abide by each of the stipulations set forth in the RTA could open you up to a law suit, costing you thousands of dollars in legal fees and damages. Property management companies are well-versed in the RTA, and they have the ability to ensure compliance with this piece of real estate legislation. If you aren’t familiar with the landlord and tenant laws in your area, then hiring a professional company to manage your real estate makes sense. 2. Amount Of Time You Can Invest In Regular Maintenance In order to protect your investment, any residential real estate property you purchase must be maintained. Not only does regular maintenance help your property retain its value, maintenance also keeps the home safe for potential tenants. Regular maintenance tasks should be scheduled during each of the four seasons, and many real estate investors don’t have the time to perform these tasks themselves. Hiring a property management company gives you access to a team of maintenance professionals who can ensure the upkeep of your properties is attended to in a timely manner. 3. Your Ability To Screen Potential Tenants Unless your residential properties are rented out, you could be losing money each month. Finding reliable tenants is important when it comes to turning a profit from your real estate investments, and a property management company has the ability to help you find the best tenants possible. If you don’t have the ability to screen for things like credit history, criminal activity, or rental history, then having a property management company screen your tenants will ensure you find reliable renters to fill your investment properties. Investing in the services of a property management company, like Connelly & Company Management Ltd, can be beneficial when it comes to boosting your bottom line. The money you save on potential lawsuits, updating properties that have fallen into disrepair, and unreliable tenants will make the monthly fees charged by a property management company...

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3 Tips For Making A Better Profit When Selling Your Home

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Selling your home can be very stressful. Many people are worried that they won’t get a good amount out of their home and that they will have to take a cut when selling. This isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, there are some simple things that you can do to help your house not only sell faster, but sell for a better profit. Here are some important real estate tips. 1. Be Careful About Renovations One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is that that they try to make renovations to the home that don’t end up increasing the value of the home. If you make a renovation that the buyer doesn’t want, you just lost money on your house. Thus, before you start going through the house to touch things up, think about how much it will improve your selling price. You should definitely touch up the paint. This is a simple job that will help the house look better. The kitchen is another worthwhile investment. However, you should be careful about making a hobby room that is specific to your interests, or fixing up bathrooms and other rooms that don’t get a lot of attention. 2. Get Rid Of The Pets You shouldn’t have any pets in the house when you’re showing it. Unless you are sure that the person you are showing the house to is an animal lover, having pets in the home could really bother other home buyers. Some people see having pets in the house as a major concern. If they see animal hair on the carpet or furniture they will assume that the house isn’t clean and will need to be professionally cleaned before they can move in. Thus, get a sitter for your pets while you are showing and try not to have any signs that pets live there. 3. Don’t Empty The House Even though you don’t want a lot of clutter in the house, that doesn’t mean that you should completely empty it either. When you take out all of the furnishings, it will make the house look desperate. A buyer might ask for a lower price knowing that the house is just sitting empty. For this reason, try to keep at least some of the furnishings around to make it look homey. By doing these things, you can put your best foot forward while selling your house and hopefully sell it at a higher...

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Tips On Adding Some Security To Your Self Storage Unit

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It can be nerve-wracking to leave your valuables at a storage facility. When you aren’t storing your valuables nearby in your own home, it’s easy to feel that there is less security and a greater chance of theft. However, there’s a lot you can do to improve the security on your storage unit (obtained from specialists such as those from yellowhead self storage) so that you can enjoy peace of mind. The following are some ways to give your storage unit extra protection: Choosing the right facility Which storage facility you use is an important consideration when it comes to security. Make sure the neighborhood in which the facility is located does not have a high crime rate. You should talk to storage facility representatives regarding the security features offered by the facility and compare these features with those that are offered by the competition. . Putting locks on your unit Naturally, the storage facility will provide a lock on your storage unit that should theoretically keep things safe. However, you can typically get some added security by adding another or several locks of your own onto the unit. Keep in mind that locks with longer shackles are easier to cut. The best types of locks for storage units are cylinder locks and disc locks.  Making your valuable items inconspicuous If would-be thieves don’t think there’s anything valuable in your unit, they’ll be unlikely to attempt a robbery. Make sure you’ve stored your most valuable possessions out of sight in the back of the storage unit or under other items. In the event of a break-in, a thief is unlikely to have enough time to thoroughly search your unit for the most valuable items. Using internal security Putting a heavy safe or chest in your unit offers some added security. A thief will not be able to drag an entire safe along, so smaller valuables can be placed within a separate compartment with its own lock. Installing security systems Depending on your storage facility, you may be able to install security systems including features like cameras or alarms. In some facilities, Internet connectivity and power sources are possible in the units, and this makes it possible to connect wireless systems that will help you monitor your unit. If there is no power source in your unit, you might be able to set up a battery-powered system. Getting insurance If you’re still feeling uncertain after taking the precautions described above, you might want to consider getting insurance on your possessions. While the storage facility itself is not likely to insure your possessions, you may be able to discuss insurance options that will cover you in the event of theft with an insurance agent in your...

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